6 million older small cars worldwide such as the Chevrolet

The government and General Motors have reached a deal to resolve a criminal investigation into how the Detroit automaker concealed a deadly problem with small car ignition switches.A two count criminal information accusing GM of wire fraud and scheming to conceal material facts from a government regulator will be deferred if GM complies with terms of the deal.Last year GM recalled 2.6 million older small cars worldwide such as the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion to replace the faulty switches, which can unexpectedly slip out of the run position to off or accessory. That shuts off the engine and disables power assisted steering, power brakes and the air bags.The problem caused crashes thatkilled at least 124 peopleand injured 275 more Replica Chloe Bags, according to lawyers in charge of a fund set up by GM to compensate victims. Families of those who died will get at least $1 million.

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