And, you will feel “high” when you’re doing it

He camps out, by himself, deep in the wilderness. He’s lived for weeks at a time in a tiny cabin a two mile hike from the nearest road. He travels around the globe. And, you will feel “high” when you’re doing it. This “high” feeling may feel a bit strange, and it may even frighten you. Don’t be afraid, it’s your higher power talking to you, letting you know that you are doing the right thing..

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Because the Pacific doesn’t suffer the same summer wave drought as the Atlantic, hurricane swells are seen more as a nice surprise, than a long awaited treat, explained surfboard shaper Josh Hall from San Diego. “One of the best sessions I’ve ever had was at my favorite La Jolla reef break on a hurricane swell last year. We knew there was a hurricane, but we didn’t think it was going to produce any waves until we got to the water and saw that the place was maxing out.”.

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