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Kind of pathetic that San Jose gets more TV exposure and respect in Canada than they do in their own country. But I not complaining too much because as far as televised hockey goes, HNIC is vastly superior to Vs. Or NBC.. Johns River. Little Talbot Island appeals to nature lovers, and nearby Amelia Island is a treasure for refuge from any high pressure job. The coach of the “Jag wires,” as the locals call them, will find life less expensive, friendlier, chillier and more Southern than a counterpart with the Dolphins or Bucs.

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Seven of his nine wickets in the second innings were caught, with the only exception coming by lbw. The Southwell name is a familiar one at the Queanbeyan club, with younger brother Dean a regular among the wicket takers in first grade. “I always get his acknowledgements in the paper, you just see D Southwell,” Southwell said.

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