Currently Pillar 1 has about four times the budget of Pillar 2

“We learn about highway engineering in the classroom, but it’s good to get young engineers exposure to something in real life and not on paper,” said David Covey, a pavement engineer who recently completed his master’s degree at OSU. “Seeing the quality of the brand new pavement has been really cool. It’s a smooth grade and with ride quality being so important I think it’s very good.

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The WNBA already has corporate sponsorships its uniforms than the actual team logos. Pro golfers, drivers, and tennis players are adorned with ads, too. So it just a matter of time before every other pro athlete is wallpapered with corporate logos and sponsors like a racecar.

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The big take away for me here is that I OC to 1360 core at 1110 mV. I still under 80 degrees once the fan (which seems a tad slow to ramp up but does get there in time). Max fan setting is currently set to 3200 but that only because it never really gets that high and I wanted to the fan curve a bit higher.

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