It may help if you cover up the sides of your eyes so no extra

Refers to a condition in which objects that are near appear blurry. The Mayo Clinic says that this is a normal part of aging and typically becomes apparent in the early 40s.Specific symptoms of presbyopia include reading books or other items at a distance in order to see the words clearly. Other presbyopia symptoms include developing eye strain and headaches when working closely.Risk factors for developing presbyopia include being older than age 40 and suffering from diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and heart disease.

Another cause of the hair loss is the stress associated with the condition. Medicated shampoos may help the skin condition but be aware that using a medicated shampoo daily can be harsh on the hair. Use a comb or brush to loosen scales without scratching or pulling at them.

It took me about 1,5 packs of sugru (1 black + 1 white = a deep grey). Make a roll, that reaches around the base of the magnifing glass tube. You could put plastic wrap over the objective to keep it clean, but the sugru sticks very good the the wrap and its hard to remove afterwards..

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