Jumping on the bandwagon is one of our most

St. Sept. 13, Tfc. Jumping on the bandwagon is one of our most hallowed national traditions, right there with football on Thanksgiving, re gifting Christmas presents and buying a car with way more horsepower than you need. Study history closely, and you’ll find bandwagon jumpers dating from before this country’s independence. While historical portraits show that maybe 15 people crossed the Delaware in ‘s boat, by the year 1800, at least 50,000 people were claiming to have one of the paddles..

A review of my rental records revealed that I had inadvertently overpaid my rent by $5 per month for a year. I deducted the $60 and attached a note of explanation to the new owners of my building. I then received a to Pay Rent or Quit from the owner claiming I have three days to prove that I actually overpaid the $60.

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