Let me tell you

Let me tell you, for a moment, how BAD I am at Basketball. When I was 9, I was playing 1 on None (alone) at the YMCA. A kid my age came up to me and asked if I wanted to play him in a game of I asked him what was, he told me, and I accepted the challenege.

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7. Morton’s Neuroma. This is a chronic injury to the nerve between the toes, which causes thickening of the nerve in that area. The Packers fell in a shoot against the Falcons on Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, and now must look to bounce back against the Colts at home this weekend. Local 5 Sports Director and Packers all time leading rusher Ahman Green will break down the game. Plus, Thomas will join Burke and Ahman set to talk about having a bigger role on the Packers defense, and take questions from the crowd in the Oneida One Stop Fan Zone..

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