“Opinion leaders proved to be a good way to attract social buzz

It was also a way of helping Chinese web users learn about Maori culture. Posts on Air New Zealand’s Weibo account also offered basic knowledge about the airline’s koru logo, and its role as a traditional Maori symbol.In 2011 Tourism NZ commissioned Chinese TV and movie actor Yao Chen as an ambassador to promote the “100% Pure New Zealand” brand. At the time Yao had more than 40 million followers on her Weibo account, the most popular on the site.Tourism NZ now has a steadily growing fan base of 245 https://www.replicasnapbacks.com/,000 on its Weibo account, which it opened in November 2009.”Opinion leaders proved to be a good way to attract social buzz,” says David Craig, Tourism NZ general manager, Asia.Within two days, a single post from Tourism NZ introducing the campaign attracted 2.16 million viewers.Tourism NZ has also had many thousands of reposts during a recent campaign encouraging travellers to upload their pictures taken during trips to New Zealand using a hashtag NZ Fan Photo to win small New Zealand made gifts such as honey.Tourism NZ says that since August 2012 wholesale Snapback Hats, one of the staff in its Shanghai office has dedicated half their working time to managing the social media platform.Daily tasks include searching for new content such as images of New Zealand, or New Zealand travel related posts from Weibo users, as well as reviewing comments and messages on the tourism body’s Weibo page.”The biggest change for business owners to know is, consumers themselves have now become marketers in the social networking age,” says Simon Young, founder and chief executive of social media marketing agency syEngage in Auckland.”It’s important to to keep in mind the demand from your potential consumers as you’ll probably hear back from them a lot, so it in turn helps you improve the marketing campaign in some way.”Young’s agency recently started updating Massey University’s official Weibo account.

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