Reed spun Cook around on that play

On the table lies a huge ledger which one man hovers over like an angel with the book of the dead at the Last Judgement. The paper dangling from Baring hand bears the inscription “Hope Co”, the name of an Amsterdam bank that did business with Baring. A judgment was coming in the future; little did Baring know that it would be a Dutch bank that would purchase his bank for the nominal sum of 1 in 1995, due to Baring collapse brought about by rogue trader Nick Leeson.

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Welcome to female fandom in the NFL, a strange parallel universe where football teams desperately clamor for our money while reinforcing so many of the stereotypes that women have fought for decades to displace. And this isn’t an accident; it’s the NFL’s intent. Football, the latest thinking goes, has maxed out its American male audience, and to keep growing (and raking in even more billions) the fanbase needs to grow.

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