Walrus prefer resting on sea ice to look out for predators such

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wholesale nfl jerseys It would be wrong to say the Red Sox backed into the Eastern Division title. But they aren exactly rolling into the playoffs with a head of steam, either. Home field was theirs for the taking. Fish and Wildlife Service Friday that the walrus have begun arriving and that about 1,000 are gathered on the island so far, said spokeswoman Andrea Medeiros.Walrus prefer resting on sea ice to look out for predators such as polar bears. But in 2007, they began coming ashore on the northwest Alaska coast because of receding summer sea ice as Arctic temperatures have warmed.Walrus are considered a major subsistence food for Point Lay residents.Many worry that disturbances at the hauling site, such as the presence of airplanes overhead or visitors, could panic the walrus into stampedes that kill the smallest animals, Medeiros said.”They’re caretakers of those animals,” she said. “They want to ensure that those animals are not disturbed while they’re on shore.”Medeiros said the village is working with the agency on an outreach program to discourage people from visiting the animals’ gathering site.In a statement, the village tribal council asked that people leave the walrus alone wholesale nfl jerseys.

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